Why is it unique?

The only Personal Shopping App in the world with integrated personalization and an entire plug&play shopping platform.

Eliminates checkout

No checkout. No queues. No checkout stations. The customer does not need to interact with store staff or checkout stations.

Personalizes customer’s shopping experience

The app thinks for the customer. It reminds him of what he needs, what is worth trying and presents personalized offer.

Easy to test and implement

Simple integration APIs enable smooth implementation in as little as one month.

Mobile self-checkout app
with integrated personalization.

    App features

  • 1Mobile self-scanning
  • 2Real-time Reminders & Recommendations
  • 3Real-time personalized offers
  • 4Frictionless mobile payment
  • 5Rich product content
  • 6Shopping lists
  • 7Auto-bag
  • 8Family-sharing (coming soon)

App features comparison.

Product Self-Scanning

Frictionless in-app payment

Product Personalization

Real-time reminders and cross-sell recommendations

Personalized Offers

Boost basket sizes

Rich Product Content

Security App

Real-time shopper monotoring and random check system

Spark White label app for retailer’s brand

Other apps

Personal Shopping App is a part of the total
mobile platform dedicated to the FMCG market.

  • Mobile self-checkout app with integrated personalization
  • Rich product content database
  • Personalization Engine
  • Security App
  • Analitics

Flexibile deployment model.

The app can be deployed through a white label model, as the retailer’s own brand app or a feature in an existing retailer’s app.

Trial implementation

If you don't test it, you will never know.

  • We recommend running a trial at one or two retailer’s outlets.
  • Implementation can take as little as one month.
  • You will find out how much your customers love the app and how it boosts baskets’ sizes.

App continous development.

Self-checkout application

As a white label option or integration with the retailer’s application.

Ready to use, plugin technology

The technology is ready to use and easy to integrate.

Dedicated after sales service

We provide after-sales service, consulting and training.

Continuous product development

We are continuously working to improve the product. We work closely with our customers. We listen to their opinions.

Advanced analytics

We provide advanced business analytics based on the shopping history.

Data safety

The transactions support FirstData Corporation, the leader in payment services.

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About spark.

Spark Software is a technology company that specializes in advanced mobile and personalization systems for the FMCG market.

international team
consists of FMCG experts,
grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs
experienced technology

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